"bedre verden" – Norway's youth

I would like to take pictures of young people, discover the treasures they carry within them, and show them that they can therefore be a light for others. I'm thinking of pictures printed on wood, exhibited in public spaces.

Curiosity: I met Emma on the ferry as she studied birds through her binoculars. She had learned from ornithologists on Utsira and was eager to discover things herself. Later, during a trip to the lighthouse and the church, I experienced Emma's playful curiosity and radiant eyes as she explored something interesting. She studied international environmental conservation and loves to be, dance, and sing in nature.

Humility: Jon Elling's mother is from the Philippines, and they regularly visit family there. Life is poorer, but joy and hospitality are often greater than, for example, in Norway. Jon Elling experiences that children grow up with few things, and their home, which they share, is also smaller. These experiences are reflected in his character in such a way that he appears more humble and balanced.

Friendship: Ivar and Kasper have different fine character traits. Kasper expresses joy very openly, while Ivar enjoys it more quietly. The same applies when they explain something. I had the pleasure of spending a successful lobster fishing trip with them and felt their friendship. Kasper had just become a father to a son, something Ivar told me with love for the boy, joy for his friend, and perhaps a little longing in his voice.

Care: Erik is direct and open in conversations. He wants to give his cows a good life, and I could see it in his eyes as he looked at them. I learned that the first 18 hours of a cow's life are very important for her growth. He showed me his own study. Erik smiled as he served me coffee and told me that sometimes in the evening, boys come and help in the stable. He doesn't really need any help, but he enjoys that they found something exciting to do.